How to Hard Reset iPhone X in Easy Steps

Inset: How to Hard Reset iPhone X in Easy Steps

Let’s have a look at the methods to hard reset iPhone X 2018 by using the two ways that are using the device itself and second using the iTunes that will completely erase everything from your iPhone so that you can start it from the scratch. So have a look at the complete tutorial below to proceed.

This is not a bet to say that even the iPhone X could get the issues and sometimes you may require to restart or even reset the device. This is to make sure that you overcome and remove the lag, bug or any other issue insisting while you work. Many of the times the issues can get away as soon after you restart the device. But for some sort of bugs, it may be hard to get rid of those just by doing the simple and easy restart. For that part, it is highly required that the user resets the device or plays the hard reset on the iPhone X. There are no such direct options available on the iPhone X through which the hard reset could be performed yet there are some ways that makes it possible in an easy way. So here in this article, we have written about the method through which the hard reset can be performed on the iPhone X. If you are interested to know how this can be done then just read up the main section of this post till the end. We believe that this is enough for the introduction part of the article, let’s get started with the main section now!

How to Hard Reset iPhone X in Easy Steps 2018

There are two possible ways that we can use that either using the device or using the iTunes that will help you to completely wipe the data. So have a look at the below ways to proceed.

#1 Using the Device Itself:

1. The initial step is to Press Volume Up – Quickly press and discharge the Volume Up catch. This step is required to be followed when your device is switched off.

2. In the wake of doing the above advance Press Volume Down – Quickly press and discharge the Volume Down catch.

3. Press and hold Side Button – Press and hold the Side catch (Sleep/Wake catch) till you see the Apple logo. Take a stab at Resetting Settings and after that, the Phone.

How to Hard Reset iPhone X in Easy Steps

In the event that power restarting doesn’t settle your issues, you’ll have to reset all settings. At the final resort is, obviously, resetting your entire gadget. To do this, go to Settings – > General – > Restart.

Another way is through using the iTunes to reset the iPhone X:

1. First of all open iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC.

2. Now make the connection of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to your computer using the compatible cable.

3. If any message appears asking for your device passcode, simply follow the onscreen steps and proceed till the end.

4. Just Select your iPhone, iPad, or iPod when it appears in iTunes application after the successful connection.

5. At last when you reach the Summary panel, just seek and click Restore button.

How to Hard Reset iPhone X in Easy Steps

This is the simplest method to do the hard reset of the iPhone X. Keep in mind that you should think about the clicking of the catches as though this is fouled up then nothing would happen.

Finally, this is the method through which you can easily hard reset the iPhone X device and hence get it running perfectly. We have written the whole information in the easy to grab manner, this is to make sure that you could get the most out of it with ease. Hope that you would have liked the information or the method if it is so then please try to share it with others. Also, share your valuable opinions and suggestions through using the comments section below. At last but nevertheless, thank you for reading this post!

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