How To Make Free 20mins Call With Just N100 On Etisalat Network

Hello readers, tonight, I'll be teaching you how to make free 20mins call with just N100 with your Etisalat.

Below are the steps;

  1. Get 2 Etisalat SIMs.

  2. Migrate one of the sims to Easylife and the other to Easycliq.

  3. For better result, make sure you are having a minimum of N10 on the Easycliq SIM.

  4. Load N100 airtime on the Easycliq SIM, you will be given extra N150 bonus.

  5. Transfer the N100 to the Easylife SIM nd call any network using the both lines which will result to 20mins.

Easycliq charges N25 per min while Easylife charge N6.6 per min.

From the Easycliq you will make a total call of 6mins while you make 15mins from Easylife. Share it with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.

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