MUST READ! Any Guy Who Doesn't Have A House And A Car Should Not Get Married Or Even Date!

In order to reduce the level of poverty amongst homes, in my opinion I think a man who has not enough money to buy a house of his own not rent at least a 3 bed room flat and a car to move him and his family around should not get married.

When he gets married in his low credit, the family tends to suffer. The probability that he will get rich is actually 0.5 not up to 1 because Sundry expenses will now become expenses when married. Things he could ignore when single will now be important.

When children arrive, the probability of getting rich falls to an all time low of 0.2. Have you observed that most men have a higher credit score when single? If you have $500 at the end of every week when single if your job/income doesn't change or upgrade when you get married your $500 falls to $200 because you no longer feed yourself but feed a woman and probably a child.

When the child grows older school fees will set in. And other bad debts will be incurred.
Don't get me wrong, I ain't saying he will never make it but in the mean time, why bring a child to the world to suffer? Even if it's for 6 years before you make it? Why take a woman from her father's comfy house to hardship in the name of marriage?

I advice ladies never to get married no matter how cool a guy is unless he is proven to be able to cater for your needs and that of your children financially in all ramifications both expenses and sundry expenses.
It doesn't make any sense, what you enjoy when single as a lady why stop enjoying it because your husband has no money or your money now goes to supporting him?

They say women ain't equal to men. Ok let the men be rich and rich enough to take care of their wives 101% before getting married. In fact, studies show most men marry for sex.
by Vinshu

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