A Wedding Like No Other

Jide and Kemi’s parents are friends, so they spend a lot of time in each other’s house. Their parents would tease them about ending up as husband and wife, but they both knew that was never going to happen; or so they thought! Jide is five years older than Kemi; and they saw each other like big brother and little sister especially because Kemi’s parents have five girls and Jide’s, five boys.

Years later, Jide at 24 finally got admission to study his dream course, Computer engineering in Unilorin; he had been turning other admissions down because he was not getting this course.  At this time, Kemi was 19, she was just rounding up her training in makeup and bead making. This was a rule in Kemi’s home because her parents did not think it was wise for them to go into the University immediately they were done with secondary school.

Distance was not an issue for Jide and Kemi, they kept in touch through all the media available. But 2 years later, Kemi was still finding it difficult to make her papers; she was battling with math especially. Her father was not ready to send her to a private school even though he could squeeze out the money. Jide came home for the holiday, and Kemi poured her heart out to him in tears. If she had not spent a year learning that stupid makeup and bead, she felt she would probably be in school now like her mates.

A Wedding Like No Other

Jide calmed her down and promised to help her with her maths while he was around. While he kept trying to lighten her mood, one thing led to another and for the first time Jide and Kemi made out! This was an eye opener; their chemistry was explosive and with their strong friendship, they both knew that they were meant for each other!

A year later, Kemi had passed her maths and got admission to a university in Lagos instead of her hometown Ilorin but she was over the moon to be free of the 3 years and counting she had spent at home. Her relationship with Jide was public now and their parents were openly hinting at them to get married as soon as they were done with their education.

Two years later, with a very moderate strike in between, Jide came out top of his class at 29.  He was no longer interested in working for anyone, so with help from his parents, he transformed the tutorial business he had started while in school into a full-time business.  At 30, Jide was doing great at his business and he was sure that he was in the right career path, but he needed his woman by his side, and he did not think he could wait for two years or more to have his Kemi to himself. So, he took the first step by proposing to her.

Kemi and Jide’s parents were excited about the proposal, but they also had concerns about Kemi getting pregnant while still in university or dropping out of school due to the stress of motherhood. Now one day while Kemi and Jide were over at her place, Kemi’s family Nurse- Aunty Titi walked in, said her pleasantries and was about to go to the kitchen to gist with kemi’s mom when Kemi wisely asked her to wait a minute and asked for her help.

Nurse Titi told them that with contraceptives, they could have it all,be it an education, career and even a well-planned family. One of the methods she advised Kemi to go for was Sayana Press, a new contraceptive injection that works for 3months. She told Kemi that it is very private and no one will know she’s on it. She also said that it is convenient-since she only needs one shot every 3 months so it would not interfere with Kemi’s studies. And finally that it is not even painful because the needle is so small unlike other injections she knows.

Jide was also curious, so he asked if it was affordable, but Aunty Titi explained that Sayana Press will cost her just N500 at her own hospital. So without wasting time, Kemi agreed on when to go to the hospital where Aunty Titi works so she can get counselled some more and get this her Sayana Press. Before she could thank Aunty Titi, Kemi’s mummy that was stylishly eavesdropping from the kitchen gave a very big shout. “Ope O! Oya Let the preparation begin!!! This is going to be a wedding like no other!”

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