See Five reasons married couples should make love at night

Most couples work schedule can be extremely inflexible to the point where it becomes difficult to make love. Many get home, ingest their night meal, and almost immediately hit the sack, a situation which makes sexual intercourse almost non-existent.

But that is not how it’s suppose to be. It is important to save some energy for nighttime copulation as it’s not only therapeutic but also good for your relationship.

Luxury of time

Although a quickie can be exciting, having enough time to get intimate with your partner leaves both of you satisfied and sexually fulfilled.

Unlike the daytime when you’re thinking of a bunch of things like taking care of the kids or busy at work – at night, you don’t have to worry about being late for appointments; it’s just you and your partner all night long.

Makes sleep easier

The major activity done at night is sleep and sex is a good antidote for insomnia, having difficulty in sleeping. So what better way is there to get to sleep without difficulty than having some minutes of pleasure with your partner.

Better weather

When the sun goes down and the environment is airy and clement, being intimate with your partner can be blissful and more enjoyable.

Better conception chances

Although there’s no scientific evidence to prove this, but think of the way a woman’s body is designed. When she stands, whatever sperm is deposited will pour out but if she goes to sleep after the act, she keeps it in.

This helps with better swimming conditions for the little runners down there, as they don’t have to run against gravity.

Lesser chances of disturbances

Married people who have kids can easily relate to this. During the day, you have to sneak around or rush the act to avoid being caught by the kids. When it’s nighttime, the kids would have gone to bed and you have free reins; no disturbances.

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