Poll Of The Day: Peter Or Paul, Who Will Make It As A Solo Artist?

Why this mess? Who has a hand in this controversy? Has marriage got anything to do with this issue or money sharing? Will They still celebrate birthday together? Will they still leave in the same mansion?

If you are still in dream land over P Square the brand no longer exists. First it was the breaking up with their brother and manager Jude Okoye and now the twin have confirmed the break up of the P-Square brand after Peter Okoye twitted his new stage name Mr P and new manager.

Nigerians have seen the break up of musical groups with the most famous of them being the Remedies group. When break ups occur not all the group members on solo end up getting it right. Lets take the Remedies as a case study, one might conclude that Idris and Tetula made it while Mr Brown crashed out.

One can sing more than the other and one can dance more than the other.

Well the big question is this will Paul and Peter both make it as solo artists or will one crash out? Who is your take, Peter or Paul?

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