Should A Guest Act Sit Through The Show Or Perform and Leave?

Should A Guest Act Sit Through The Show Or Perform and Leave?
Due to the versatility of audience interest, it has become a norm that for every hosted show or concert, guest artists are invited to add a little variety and spice to the show. This is to keep the audience continually interested.

During the last gubernatorial election in Anambra state 2017, two different political parties invited artists to come perform. PDP invited Zoro while APGA invited Phyno. On the day Phyno performed, he arrived the campaign ground some ten minutes before his time to mount the stage. In his tinted-glassed car he sat and waited till he was called up. He spent a little less than thirty minutes before leaving the stage and venue completely. The audience complained, they wanted him to have stayed more. He was not the main cause of the gathering but the crowd wanted him to have stayed till the campaign ran its course. To them, thirty minutes was not enough compensation for all the time in the sun they stood in wait.

For the PDP campaign where Zoro was invited, upon getting to the stage, Zoro sang for a couple of minutes before he handed the mic over. He sat in the background of the makeshift stage, he was supposed to perform again when the show was about ending. As he sat there all sweaty and tired, people started complaining. Some felt he should have left the stage to somewhere he would have waited to be called up again. Others felt he needed not to have stayed till the show ended, it was a damp on his reputation they argued. For want of a better sentence, “See as him dey sweat, him come dey fade for my eyes” they said.

Some individuals are of the opinion that it should all depend on the relationship the guest act has with the host. If they are friends, then it is necessary the artist stays till the show ends. Necessary but not mandatory. If its just a business arrangement, then the artist can leave immediately their transaction is done.

It is a rather strenuous feat to decipher if a guest artist should stay or leave after performing. Thus we ask you this; Would it be better for a guest artist to perform and sit through the rest of the show or leave once their performance is done?

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