Will You Pray For A Celebrity Today? Read...

This was put together by Pascal Amanfo;

God has given me the grace and wisdom through my own journey and process to be able to connect with the struggles many go through. And as I speak with friends, colleagues and acquaintances in the industry, counseling many of them and getting them to pour their hearts out, I realise that many out there have no idea what people in the spot light have to go through.

The burden of the expectation of society.. The struggle to live up to everything people think you are.. The pressure of the next hit or job... The near impossibility of finding true love because everyone you meet is only in love with the image they see on screen or their perception of you.

The thought of sustaining relevance.. The depression of trying to live those dreams.. The demonism of competition...

The diabolism of control... The obsession of money for piling bills... The emptiness of the soul that drives the fantasies of sex, drugs and alcohol...

The dilemma of not knowing who your real friends are and the fact that people have no need of you beyond your social relevance..

The hurt of untold betrayals from colleagues and the envy you can't explain!

The rumours many believe without knowing the true story.

The hidden pains you almost cannot share!

Beloved, the devil is specially interested in showbusiness because within it he finds a huge medium of influence to drive his agenda! It's not just enough to love and adore your favourite celebs. I implore you to pray for them! And when next you are about to criticize... Also remember...Many are targeted by forces of hell and some scandals are more spiritual than physical!

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