5 Food swaps to get healthier & lose more weight! + RECIPES_1

You could boost your weight loss results by making these five simple food swaps…

Here are some tips to make your meals healthier, with fewer calories without having to resort to only eating dry rice cakes!

Here are some trades you can make in your diet to decrease unhealthy calories, get more nutrition into your meals, get healthier, AND lose more weight.
1.     Bake or grill, don’t fry

We all know that eating fish regularly is an important task for the health and weight conscious. Fish is high in protein and fatty acids, and low in calories and saturated fat, so it’s a great diet food.

But many of the people eating fish regularly are making one mistake: they’re eating it fried. Fried fish is cooked in vegetable oil – which is not good for you – and this makes a healthy meal unhealthy. So when you have fish cook (or order) it grilled or baked instead. You’ll save around 75 calories per piece, and only eat half the amount of saturated fat, too.

Parsley and Lemon Baked Fish Fillets recipe

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2.     Cook your Italian the healthy way

If you’re making a pizza or pasta dish, then you’re probably adding a LOT of cheese and sauce.

The way to rescue these meals is to halve the quantity of these items. You’ll still get all of the flavour, without getting all of the calories and fats.

If you’re making pasta, make sure you’re using whole wheat pasta, and if you must have some pizza, make sure you measure your portion sizes so you don’t overdo it.

This way, you can have comforting Italian food and still be on diet. Good deal!

Healthy Chicken Pesto Pasta recipe



Black Bean Pasta Salad recipe

3.     Eat fruit, don’t drink it

Fruit juice is a confusing thing. If it’s 100% pure fruit, it should be healthy and good for your diet right?

Sadly NO.

It’s so highly concentrated (lots of sugar), and so lacking in fibre that it’s actually not so good for you. If you want to have fruit in liquid form, put the whole fruit into a smoothie. If you’re drinking fruit juice because you need to eat fruit, then rather eat whole fresh fruits. And if you are drinking fruit juice because you’re thirsty, drink some water instead.

Green Apple, Celery & Ginger Smoothie recipe



Fig and Chia Seed Smoothie recipe

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4.     Explore alternative meats

We are creatures of habit. We grow up eating certain things, these become acceptable to us, and we continue to eat them.

On the meat side of things, we like beef, pork, lamb, and chicken. But have you ever thought about eating venison, turkey, or ostrich?

These all taste amazing, and they’re healthier than some of the other options – lower in fat, particularly. Venison is wild meat, and so it hasn’t been injected with artificial growth hormones. If you’re able to source venison, it’s a great addition to your braais.

Venison Steaks with a Red Wine Sauce recipe



Lamb or Venison Potjie recipe

5.     Make a little effort with your oats

Instant oats help us to make a tasty, easy, quick breakfast. There are lots of flavours, and they just require some boiling water, and they’re cooked.

But have you ever looked at the ingredients list?

They can be pretty loaded with added sugar. So while you may think you’re having a healthy breakfast, you’re actually eating “sweets”.

Make your own oats instead, and flavour them with raisins, cinnamon and honey. Then you’ll be getting what you thought you were before – healthy food.

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