WATCH: Man hangs on for dear life as speeding truck loses load_1

A video that emerged on Facebook on Tuesday gives looking after your workforce a new meaning.

The footage, taken by either the driver or passenger of a car travelling behind a small truck, shows what initially looks like a red piece of material flapping in the wind.

However, upon closer inspection, that red colour turns out to be a person holding on for dear life as the small truck he’s on the back of travels at high speed on the freeway.

The man appears to be clinging on to what looks like unsecured steel beams. In fact, HE seems to be what’s securing them instead of the more traditional, and far more highly advised, rope solution.

As the witnesses film this absurd incident, the beams begin to bend as the wind sweeps them off the vehicle.

Those filming the near brush with death joke that the man looks like he’s about to lift off before the small truck’s load comes crashing on to the highway.

Miraculously, the beams miss the “passenger” as well as the car behind the truck filming the incident, and scatter all over the highway’s left lane.

The people filming pull over into the emergency lane, and the small truck hesitantly follows suit, before the video ends.

Watch the video below:

It is not yet known where the incident took place.

(Compiled by Nica Schreuder)

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