Following an outcry on social media which saw Hollard Insurance accused of not paying the medical bill of music legend Madosini Latozi Mpahleni, better known as Mama Madosini, the company has confirmed that they are bringing the artist home to receive medical treatment and be with her family.

It has also confirmed that Hollard has agreed to “step and in pay for Madosini’s medical costs” after reportedly first declining to do so.

This after music historian Robert Trunz and fellow musician Pedro “The Music Man” Espi-Sanchis – who was travelling with Madosini at the time – stepped in to help the musician, who reportedly had a faulty valve in her heart which was undiagnosed prior to her trip.

It was reported on Tuesday that Trunz said the French hospital which was treating Madosini was releasing her despite the insurance company having not paid her medical bill, with the hope she would be able to get the company to pay out.

Documents seen by Channel24 show communication between Espi-Sanchis and an insurance group that provided Madosini with travel protection for the trip.

“The policy does not cover claims related to cardiovascular conditions, where you received treatment for a cardiovascular condition any time prior to your trip,” parts of the document reportedly reads.

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Trunz further said: “The next step is help from the South African ambassador and our minister to assist an urgent and safe repatriation. Pedro Espi-Sanchis is waiting to hear further and I will keep us informed.”

A backlash against Hollard ensued on social media, with the company heavily criticised for its response.

Responding to this, the insurance company said it was working on bringing her back to South Africa.

“We’re committed to fairness for all our policyholders. We do understand Mama Madosini’s situation and we’re looking at ways to help her. Thanks everyone for your concern for Mama Madosini. We’re bringing her back to Mzansi so she can get treatment and be with her loved ones.”

(Compiled by Daniel Friedman)

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