A Nigerian lady has narrated how she and her friend were denied entry into an Abuja lounge because they had no male companion.

According to her, they were initially refused entrance into the lounge because they had no male companion, only for the bouncer to later reveal that the action was taken simply because management felt they wouldn’t be able to pay for their drinks.

“I’m so livid!!!! My friends and I walked into a lounge and they refused to let us in cause there’s a policy that doesn’t let women in without a male champion. This is freaking 2019!!

Women with striving careers can’t hang out and have fun in Abuja Without a man? Wow!

A gentleman came to our rescue and assured the bouncer we weren’t “street girls.”Lmao why should street girls be banned from having a good time with male counterparts ffs? Streets girls are human!

The bouncer’s argument was that we can’t afford a drink in the lounge …My friend brought out her business card”, she tweeted.

Lady denied access into an Abuja lounge for being without a man

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