Residents risk lives to help fight Drakenstein fire_1

Several houses were damaged in a fire that started in the Magnolia Street area of the Drakenstein earlier on Saturday.

It is unclear how the fire started. However, according to Drakenstein Farm Watch (DFW), it "spread rapidly, taking its toll on people's possessions and houses".

"Upon arrival and accompanied by our security partners, Fidelity ADT, the DFW fire crew and DFW medical team rushed to the fire centre, putting lots of water to the flames.

"The heat was immense," DFW said.

It said residents tried to save their belongings, putting themselves in danger.

One man collapsed after suffering smoke inhalation while trying to retrieve his belongings.

"[He] was seen and taken by the DFW medics and fire crew out of the fire area.

"Our DFW medic Garth Botha, who also is with the metro ambulance services, took care of the man and gave him oxygen. The man was taken [away] by metro ambulance.”

Many residents also risked their lives to help emergency services officials.

"The DFW crew made sure all residents on their side of the fire were out of the buildings," DFW said.

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