'Boet Fighter' is the SA game you never knew you always needed_1

Despite the wealth of tech talent in the country, we're still waiting for SA devs to deliver the great South African game. The wait may finally be over as Steam welcomes the first and only klap-em-up game onto its platform.

The brains behind Boet Fighter have quite bravely decided to stick to what they know: taking the main character Hard Eddy through rough streets of Fourways and its surrounds.

It would have been very easy for the team to have tried to create a more South African story that people across the country might relate to.

However, this is not that game. Boet Fighter is a celebration of the 'hard man' culture that is evident across gyms and clubs all over Gauteng. The team have decided to lean into their brand and ride it for all it's worth.

What is Boet Fighter all about?

I managed to get a look at Boet Fighter at Comic Con. I knew a bit about the game before but wasn't really sure what to expect.

Visually, it's reminiscent of platform action games like Double Dragon, with a playful animated style to the graphics. Boet Fighter is easy on the eye, but when wandering around Comic Con, it was probably the dialogue that most stood out.

In amongst some of the most anticipated international games, was a South African experience that looks and sounds like nothing you've played before.

The wait is over

Writing for a living, you get to read a lot of press releases, and Boet Fighter gets a 10/10 for theirs. According to the very entertaining press release:

“It's taken 18 months of intense compound upper-body lifting, with intermittent cage faaghts (fights) and occasional, laaght (light) juicing, to klap (slap) BOET FIGHTER to completion… but it's faanally (finally) here!”

People were waiting to try the game pretty much constantly during Comic Con. If player smiles is a barometer of success, then Boet Fighter is certainly onto something.

Boet Fighter is now out on Steam

This is not going to rival Death Stranding for Game of the year but that certainly isn't the goal. Boet Fighter pokes a bit of fun at some of the more hilarious parts of being a Gauteng resident.

I have no clue how well it will translate to players in the rest of the country.

Having never lived in the South of Johannesburg or spent that much time in the clubs of Fourways, some of the dialogue was a bit over my head. With context, you should be able to follow along.

Boet Fighter is out now on Steam; go check it out and support the South African gaming industry.

Watch: Boet Fighter trailer

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