Eliud Kipchoge: The moment he broke the two-hour marathon barrier [video]_1

Eliud Kipchoge underlined his status as the greatest ever marathon runner by running the fastest time recorded over 42km.

The Kenyan athlete was competing at the Vienna marathon – pretty much against the clock and himself – where he set to better his previous best of 2:00:25 set in Monza, Italy back in 2017.

This time around, he broke the two-hour barrier, becoming the first athlete to do so.

Eliud Kipchoge makes history in Vienna

Although Kipchoge registered the fastest marathon time ever recorded with his 1:59:40 effort, it will not be recognised as an official world record as it was not run under standard race conditions.

In what was a premeditated attempt to crack the previously untouched mark, the 34-year-old was aided by a rotation of Olympic pace-setters, who aided him in keeping in touch with his goal of bettering his previous best and, subsequently, the two-hour barrier.

Nevertheless, Kipchoge provided the masses who turned up to witness history a grand display of the lengths the human body is capable of reaching by maintaining an eye-popping pace for nearly two hours. 

At total of 41 pacemakers were commissioned for the race

This was underlined by the hashtag, #nohumanislimited, which did the rounds on social media prior to the race.

 "Absolutely remember the 41 pacemakers are among the best athletes ever in the world," he told BBC after the race. "I can say thank you to them, I appreciate them for accepting and together we made history on this one. "We can make this world a beautiful world and a peaceful world. My wife and three children, I am happy for them to come and witness history. "The positively of sport, I want to make it a clean sport and an interesting sport."Eliud Kipchoge

Everything falls into place for marathon ace

Kipchoge, whose time of 2:02:58 in Berlin is the officially recognised world record, was hailed by his coach, Patrick Sang.

"He has inspired all of us that we can stretch our limits in our lives," he said.
"You have made history!
"Everything went perfectly right. For the sport, it challenges other young athletes. For humanity, whatever level you are in you can move yourself to another level. "Records are meant to be broken, so down the line someone will try again, but history has been made. It's unbelievable."

Watch Eluid Kipchoge break two-hour marathon barrier in video below:

BREAKING: HISTORY as #EliudKipchoge, world's greatest marathoner, becomes the first human to run a marathon in under 2 hours.Kipchoge finished in 1:59:40. #INEOS159 #IneosChallenge pic.twitter.com/V7uqHPzLMX— Citizen TV Kenya (@citizentvkenya) October 12, 2019