Waste not, want not – here are three DIY recycled home decor projects to help make your home lovelier without spending a cent…
Pretty organised pantry

Do those perfectly organised pantries and kitchen cupboards on Pinterest and Instagram make you drool?

You can get a similar look in your home – without buying bazillions glass food storage containers – by saving glass food jars.

Washing them out and remove the labels by soaking them in hot water overnight. For a uniform look, save the same shape of jars and speed up the process or saving enough by asking friends and family to save specific glass food jars for you.

Here's a great example from pure.connection

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Photo by Photos by Lanty on Unsplash
Backyard bunting

Nothing says 'Yay' in a home quite like bunting. If you would like to add some festive bunting to your backyard this summer, make your own using old bed linen, table cloths and clothes.

Use pinking scissors to cut bunting triangles out of an old sheet, fold a seam and glue or sew over twine. If you'd like to, you could even use either leftover house paint or acrylic paint add pattern and colour.
KonMarie your cupboards

No need to buy fancy cupboard organisers to keep your cupboards under control when even Marie Kondo herself recommends using the humble shoe box.

If you'd like to add a little colour, use saved wrapping paper to make a running shoebox look more like a pretty storage container. Other containers that work wonderfully as cupboard and drawer organisers are ice-cream containers.