Bonang Matheba – “Being Bonang 3 was one of the worst working experiences of my life”_1

Bonang Matheba is thankful and excited for the end of reality show, Being Bonang 3, but she revealed it’s not the best of her working experiences.

After watching the last episode, season 3, lots of the viewers appreciated the media personality for letting them into her private life, while others said she will be missed.

However, Queen B spilled on Twitter that the latest season is one of the worst working experiences in her life and she would be explaining the reason behind such confession later.

“….making Being Bonang Season 3 was one of the worst working experiences of my life!! Glad it’s ending….. remind me to tell ya’ll why one day!”

Fans reactions be like:

So sorry😩💔we enjoyed it though

— Victory (@Portia_KL) October 11, 2019

To be honest B, one could tell. There was something missing, something just wasn’t right.

— The Rain Queen (@Bloomer_much) October 11, 2019

And yet you delivered effortlessly on every episode, such a professional argh i love you❤

— Sbo🇿🇦 (@abbygantsho) October 11, 2019