Mother’s heartbreaking days spent with daughter’s body after she died days after sister’s birth_1

A UK mother has relived the most bittersweet 10 days of her life…

At the end of January this year, she gave birth to one daughter, watched another die and created a poignant picture album with her two beloved children – during five days spent with her six-year-old girl’s body, as the family said their goodbyes.

Heartbroken Emily Nixon, 25, recalled how her desperately sick little girl, Darcy Roger, six, packed a lifetime of love into just five days, when Beatrice, the baby sister she had longed for, was born two weeks premature – giving them less than a week to bond before the older girl died of cardiac arrest.

Darcy was born with a rare disorder called VACTERL Association which affects different systems in the body. An infection eventually caused her body to shut down, and a cardiac arrest was listed as her cause of death.

Emily spent five “very special” days at the hospice with her daughter’s body to say her final farewells and produced the album above of the two sisters and the special bond they shared in just a few days.