Japanese electronics firm Sony said a major new feature of the updated PlayStation 5 console would be its immersive controller.

The company has been releasing details about the new console throughout the year, leaving many to believe that the PS4’s successor might hit the shelves this year still.

However, Sony have now confirmed that the console will definitely be named the PlayStation 5. We can expect it to be available for “Holiday 2020”.

If you’re seriously optimistic, then you can hope that the Holiday they’re talking about is New Year’s day, but in reality, we should see a December release, as it was with previous consoles.

Dispute about the release date of the PlayStation 5

Up until now, it did seem as though Sony may have had a 2019 or early 2020 release date in mind based on the amount of information they’ve released; as well as the fact that developers are already playing around with the hardware.

However, many have speculated that the uncertainty about the US trade ban with China could have been a stumbling block in producing the hardware depending on where and how it would be manufactured.

As it stands, we should be seeing the shiny new Playstation 5 next Christmas so you’ll have some time to save up for what is expected to be Sony’s most expensive console yet.

Controller update alert

In addition to the name and release period, Sony have also given some more information about the Playstation 5’s controllers.

The controllers for the new controller will shift with a new haptic feedback system that will replace the rumble system that’s been around since the Playstation.

Sony didn’t give any information about what this would mean exactly but explained that it would provide users with a “broader range of feedback”.

The new controller will also have what Sony are calling adaptive triggers. This will allow developers to determine the amount of resistance the triggers give users.

This is meant to make the controller more immersive as players feel more tension when pulling back a bowstring or giving the trigger more or less tension depending on your selected weapon.

Menu screen update

Wired have released some additional details after they got to play with the new controller and they have confirmed that the new controller will make use of USB-C have a larger battery and improved speakers.

Although they did comment that the model they got to test looked an awful lot like the DualShock 4.

Another nice touch will be in the actual Playstation 5 interface with Sony promising developers will be able to allow players to launch specific game modes directly from the menu screen.

This will mean that if you’re looking to play a multiplayer game, you won’t need to open the game and navigate to the multiplayer mode you should be able to open the game directly into the mode you’re looking to play.

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