Rabbit has endless enemies from man to rats, foxes, jackals, badgers, cat, hawks, owls etc. Just like the rabbits, we, human too has several predators, ready to steal,murder and maim us. Yet, despite the maximum numbers of enemies , it is able to live and thrive. Its survival against so many odds is not because of its wits, for it is not a clever creature,and not because of weapon or defensive ability. The real reason behind its ability to hold out are;

a. Great fertility: As mammals,we are created to be fertile; what you see,what you hear,what you smell, what you think, reproduce them all, add fertilizers by listening to others,no one is an island of knowledge. Then, you utilize it in your areas of life where it is applicable.

b. Burrowing habits ; Learn to play the game 'hide and seek'. Let people seek for you. Bow your heads, learn to respect as 'respect is reciprocal'. Burrowing at the same time can be for safety or hiding from an external influence. Example are the mammals like rats in the arid areas, they burrow the land and plug the entrance to avoid heat and hot winds especially in the afternoon. Learn to burrow today. Not everyone applauding you today really do, some are killing mosquitoes. Life is a coincidence.

c. Crepuscular nature I.e active at dusk and dawn ,when the light level is low. That's for a lower mammal,for we the higher mammals. We are expected to work round the clocks. Like my brother would say" we have 24hours in a day, I can work anytime till any time ,so don't tell me to rest,I will when it is time". Hardworking is the acceleration that takes us up while laziness is the force of gravity that pulls us down.

d. The care of the young ones and their early education by the mother. 99% of what we become,how we behave is from our parent especially the mother. Learn to be a good parent. Make impact,be good, for good beareth best, and the bad beareth the worst.