OMG! See The New Minimum Wage NLC And TUC  Propose To FG

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC) have jointly proposed and presented N56, 000 as the new minimum wage to the Federal Government. The current national minimum wage is presently at N18, 000.

Mr Wabba, the NLC president, disclosed this at a news conference to journalists in Abuja today. He said;

“I can say now authoritatively that as of yesterday (Tuesday) we made a formal proposal to the Federal Government of N56, 000 to be the new minimum wage. The demand has been submitted officially to government and we hope that the tripartite system to look at the review will actually be put set up to look at it. Our argument is that, yes, it is true that the economy is not doing well, but the law stated that wages for workers must be reviewed after every five years. So, the issue must be looked into by the Federal Government and workers should not be seen as sleeping on their rights,” he said.

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