Nigeria: Frustrated Blind Graduate Puts Up Own Kidney For Sale

A 32-year-old visually impaired man, Kamilu Suleiman, has decided to sell one of his kidneys to further his education.

A graduate of Electrical Electronics from Kaduna Polytechnic, Mr. Suleiman did his Youth Service Corps in 2014.

Explaining the reason for his decision, Mr. Suleiman said, “Frustration is what brought the idea of my readiness to sell one of my kidneys just to get money to sponsor my education. I really want to be useful to the society. I don’t want the effort of my parents to go in vein.

An indigene of Ilobu in Osun State, Mr. Suleiman was born and grew up in Kaduna State as the second of 7 children.

While explaining how he lost his sight, he stated that he was diagnosed with Glaucoma at the National Eye Centre Kaduna in 2009, but lost his sight completely in 2012.
“I was supposed to graduate in 2012 but because of a carryover (C.O) I got in one subject, I went for my NYSC in year 2013 and finished in year 2014.
“I was posted to Plateau State but requested for redeployment back to Kaduna due to my condition. After I became completely blind I decided to live with a friend to avoid my parents seeing me in this condition because I don’t like seeing them worried.”

Mr. Suleiman said his goal is to study courses and programs that will enable him maximise his present situation.

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