Why We Are Yet To Meet Yunusa's Bail Conditions - Lawyer

The alleged abductor of Bayelsa girl, Ese Oruru, Yunusa Dahiru is yet to meet his bail conditions despite a Federal High Court in Bayelsa State granting him bail. His lawyer has also explained the reason his client is still in prison, stressing that the bail conditions are a bit tough. Speaking on why Yunusa has remained in Okaka Prisons, Bayelsa, the lawyer said;

“As of this moment, Yunusa has not met the bail conditions. We are having difficulties because of the conditions imposed. The judge demanded for civil servants and a traditional title holder who must be resident of the state. Most of them who are likely to have that are indigenes.
“However, most of the indigenes are biased against our client. So, it is difficult. Maybe this coming week, we are hopeful. There are some people we are talking to. Some of them too, who are ready to stand surety for our client do not have tax clearance certificates. So, a lot of things are militating against us.”

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