Corruption War Not Targeted At PDP Members - Kashamu Said To Defend Buhari

A PDP chieftain, Senator Buruji Kashamu has defended the president of the Federation, Muhammadu Buhari saying his corruption war is not targeted at his party PDP, but to all. In a recent interview reported by Clifford Ndujihe, when asked to address the rumours that the corruption war was targeted at the people of his party, the Senator said;

I am shocked and embarrassed by comments that the trial of the people who allegedly misappropriated money that was meant to buy weapons in the war against insurgency is a political witch-hunt of members of my party, the PDP. The masterminds of that crime wanted the war to escalate and if that had happened unchecked, the insurgency would have spread to other regions of the federation.

The insurgents were already violating the peace of Abuja with tragic bombings and it would have been just a matter of time for states like Kogi, Edo, Ondo and Ekiti that are just a couple of hours away from Abuja to be affected. Proceed...

As of today, our security agencies have succeeded in weakening and pushing back the Boko Haram elements. President Buhari has his work clearly cut out for him because this ongoing fight against corruption must be consistently fought until Nigeria is free from the menace of corruption. This fight must be fought at all cost because it is the fight for the soul and future of our great country. Political parties continually engage in fund raising and it is difficult to know the difference between money that was raised from such an exercise and money that was stolen from the treasury. Only those in government knew the true sources of the funds that they disbursed.

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