God Wants Tinubu To Shun Elective Office & He Will Lift Him Higher - Prophet

A Lagos Prophet, Ebenezer Akindele of The Pillar of Truth Cherubim and Seraphim (C&S), Meiran, Lagos, has said God wants Bola Ahmed Tinubu to shun elective office as He God has better a better position for him. He also warned that the APC leader should desist from taking any traditional post such as Aare Onakankanfo warning that what God has in stock for him is way higher.

Speaking further, the Prophet said God said Tinubu should maintain his position as APC leader and shun every gimmick to lure him for any elective office.
“God said that Asiwaju Tinubu should also avoid some traditional titles like Aare Onakaknfo, the Yoruba war generalissimo. The Lord said He is taking Tinubu to a position higher than these posts. God wants Tinubu to be closer to Him and His prophets. Day and night Tinubu must seek Good in prayer. God said He has prepared a comfortable seat for him in high places.
“God said Tinubu should be praying for sound health and long life. If he can do this God said He is ready to perform more political wonders through him as a politician and community leader,” he said.

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