All Eyes On Nelson Madela’s Grandson As He Converts To Islam Just To Marry 4th Wife

The 42-year-old grandson of Nelson Mandela, Mandla Mandela, is at the centre of controversy after he converted to Islam, and married for a fourth time. Here's a brief look at his marital life:
He married Tando Mabunu-Mandela in 2004. They are reportedly still entangled in a bitter divorce. He got married to Anais Grimaud, in a traditional ceremony in 2010. Their marriage was annulled after reports that she had an affair with his younger brother.
He then married Mbali Makhathini in 2014, but the marriage was annulled by a court after his first wife opened charges of bigamy.

Now he has taken a 4th wife, Rabia Clarke in a Cape Town mosque in 2016 after converting to Islam.

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