A man has found himself in serious trouble after his girlfriend he impregnated reportedly died during childbirth.

Man Forced To Marry Corpse Of Woman He Impregnated Without Paying Her Bride Price

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A young Nigerian man identified as Emenike who impregnated a lady simply known as Emerie without paying her bride price has landed in big trouble in Lagos, according to a report by PM Express.

It was gathered that Emenike impregnated Emerie and she died during child birth as a result of complications while the baby was saved. The incident happened at FESTAC town area of Lagos where they resided before the ugly incident.

Now, the incident has left Emenike in serious trouble as the family of the woman insists that he must marry the dead body of their daughter.

It was gathered that Emenike and Emerie met in Lagos and lived together but Emerie was said to own some properties. Emenike was from Ngor Okpala while the late Emerie hailed from Owerri town, all in Imo State.

When Emerie was still alive, she had advised Emenike to go to her family and formalise their relationship since they were living together. He promised to go and pay her bride price but never did. He continued to shift the date until he impregnated Emerie and nothing was done.

It was learnt that they had agreed that since she was pregnant, that everything will be done after Emerie must have put to bed as it was not proper to marry a pregnant woman according to their culture and tradition.

However, the whole plan did not work out as Emerie had complications and died while she was to be delivered of the baby. Her corpse was deposited at an undisclosed mortuary.

An embattled Emenike became confused on how to bury her and went to Emerie’s family to inform them about what happened. They told him that he was behind her death and cannot bury her as his wife. On Emenike’s family side, they also blamed him and thereafter went to the deceased family to plead on his behalf. Emenike’s family posited that since the baby survived, that they should consider Emenike, and accept him as their in-law and then other rites can be performed.

P.M.EXPRESS confirmed that both families had agreed that Emenike will have to properly marry the late Emerie according to their culture before he will be allowed to bury her and also inherit her properties and he accepted their condition.