Trump in crisis: President launches 17-minute rant against US Election results

Regardless of how the US Election results finish this week, one thing is for sure. There will never be another president like Donald Trump. The Republican leader was his usual, abrasive self on Friday morning, launching into a tirade about the swing in the votes that is likely to cost him a second term.

Donald Trump rants against US Election results

In an unsubstantiated, baseless set of claims, Trump continued to slam the system of democracy used in America. In 2016, he won a number of key states by thin margins, and he wasn't so determined to undermine the process back then. However, this is a leader that doesn't go down without a fight – even if that means playing dirty.

Trump's latest White House briefing was a jamboree of fibs. Known for making a number of disputed claims during his time in office, The Donald is adamant that he is the victim of a conspiracy…

"All of the recent Biden claimed states will be legally challenged by us for voter fraud and state election fraud. Plenty of proof. We will win. America first… We won by historic numbers. And the pollsters got it knowingly wrong, they got it knowingly wrong. We had polls that were so ridiculous and everybody knew it at the time."
"There was no blue wave that they predicted. As everyone now recognises media polling was election interference in the truest sense of that word. By powerful special interests, these really phony polls, state polls, were designed to keep our voters at home, create the illusion of momentum for Mr. Biden and diminish Republicans' abilities to raise funds."

What the president got wrong

Several American news networks ended up cutting Trump's speech short, in order to fact-check some of the wild allegations the president was making. Many of his claims were based on already-debunked conspiracy theories.

  1. Trump's repeated insistence of 'rife electoral fraud' is not substantiated by any other state officials.

  2. The president is trying very hard to paint in-person US Election results as 'legal', and mail-in votes as 'illegal'. The latter is untrue.

  3. Trump is claiming 'new votes' are being made past the Tuesday cut-off. That is false. All mail-in ballots currently being counted were submitted before the Election Day deadline.

  4. It's also worth noting that Republicans in Pennsylvania blocked a motion to count mail-in votes earlier than scheduled.

  5. This perhaps doesn't need saying, but there's no evidence of a pro-Democrat opinion poll conspiracy.

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