Melania Trump slammed for voting outfit: R72k Gucci dress, but no mask?

As Americans wait in anticipation to hear who their next president will be, the current first lady cast her vote. But endured harsh criticism from the public.

Melania Trump headed to a West Palm Beach polling station where she cast her vote on election day. But commenters were unimpressed. Despite the fact that the country is still battling thousands of Covid-19 infections daily, and the death toll has reached a whopping 234 000.

The first lady arrived at the polls in a $4,500 (around R72 000) horse-bit Gucci dress but a glaring omission was a face mask. Her husband, president Donald Trump, has been heavily criticised for his lack of action amidst the coronavirus pandemic. After battling the virus themselves, the first family still doesn't appear to be setting an example for the nation.

According to a report in the New York Times, Melania was the only person in the polling station who wasn't wearing a mask. This, despite the fact that masks have been made mandatory in the majority of Florida cities, including West Palm Beach.

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