'Please don't take me to the Integrity Commission' – ANC Mayor

If you don't ask, you don't get. Ekurhuleni Mayor Mazwandile Masina has planted his tongue firmly in his cheek this week, by posting a plea on his Twitter account to avoid appearing in front of the dreaded ANC Integrity Commission. Masina, a vocal supporter of Andile Lungisa, has rallied around his colleague – who is now facing a three-year jail sentence.

Andile Lungisa: Will he go to jail on Tuesday?

Lungisa infamously smashed a jug over a DA councillor's head during a heated confrontation in the Nelson Mandela Bay chambers back in 2016. The road to justice for Lungisa's victim has taken four years, but following his suspension from party activities, the legal team representing the ANC stalwart now have their work cut out.

A bail extension will be filed in the Grahamstown High Court on Tuesday, in a bid to keep Andile Lungisa's freedom intact. The 40-year-old has plenty of support within certain factions of the ANC, with the #JusticeForAndileLungisa group claiming that their comrade has fallen foul of 'judicial discrimination'.

ANC Mayor puts his weight behind Andile Lungisa

One of Lungisa's most high-profile backers is Mayor Masina. The Ekurhuleni representative is no stranger to controversy, with much of it facilitated by his Twitter account. Earlier this week, he compared his friend's battles to those of Thomas Sankara, who led Burkina Faso for four years during the 1980s.

Mzwandile Masina jokes about AN Integrity Commission

Following Cyril Ramaphosa's promise to root out corruption within the ANC, the president gave the party's Integrity Commission the authority to suspend any member facing criminal charges. Despite Andile Lungisa's damning rap sheet, Masina stands by his buddy – perhaps with one eye on his own future…

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