Dubai celebrity couple's very OTT gender reveal party

A Dubai-based social media celebrity couple has taken the baby gender reveal phenomenon to new heights – quite literally.

In what many people have criticised as a crass and over-the-top event, Anas and Asala Marwah spent a reported 350 000 UAE Dirham (around R1.6-million) on hosting a party that included using the side of the 823-metre high Burj Khalifa tower as a giant gender reveal billboard.

Burj Khalifa bathed in multi-coloured lights

While most people's idea of a gender reveal party is a small group of close family and friends, plus a pink/blue cake and balloon setup, the influencer couple decided that only the glitziest and most glamorous would suffice when they revealed the sex of their second child.

In front of a large crowd of invited guests, the Burj Khalifa was bathed in multi-coloured lights and then began a giant 10-second countdown to the reveal, with oversize numerals being projected onto the side of the tower.

At the end of the countdown, the building was bathed in blue light, complemented by the slightly obvious "It's a boy" wording.

Couple have more than 12-million followers

The couple are known for their glamorous lifestyle as social influencers and have a subscriber base of around 7.5-million people on YouTube and a combined 5-million people on Instagram.

They married in 2017 and already have a young daughter named Mila.

The gender reveal, which some Middle East media speculate may have been at least partially sponsored, was clearly designed to pander to their large social media following's desire for something spectacular and out of the ordinary.

Doing something nobody has seen before

Asala said the couple wanted to break the news in unique fashion.

"I am trying my best to give content that no one has ever seen before. To me, doing it in this way is something very big."

Recently another lavish gender reveal, this time in the US state of California, also attracted international headlines. On this occasion a big fireworks display as part of the reveal ceremony sparked a massive wildfire in San Bernardino County, south-east of Los Angeles.

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