Edenvale: Woman, 76, 'dragged for a kilometre' by hijackers in her stolen car

It's a story that could make one's stomach turn: A group of hijackers in Edenvale, Gauteng ended up dragging the elderly occupant of a car behind them on Monday, and once the vehicle came to a halt, they shot the 76-year-old in the back of her head.

Reports state that she remains in a critical condition, after she was found dumped by the roadside. The woman was airlifted to hospital, and continues to fight for her life. As an additional sickener, the thugs who carried out this attack are believed to have hijacked another car on the same evening.

Elderly woman suffers horrendous ordeal in Gauteng

Mavela Masondo is a police spokesperson for Gauteng SAPS. He confirmed that the other vehicle stolen by the perps showed up in Ekurhuleni, as police investigations into the matter continue on Tuesday.

"The suspects jumped out of the woman's car leaving her wounded, and they hijacked the second car which was later found in Sebenza in Ekurhuleni. The injured woman was taken to hospital in critical condition." Gauteng police spokesperson Captain Mavela Masondo.

Edenvale hijacking – latest news and updates

Preliminary reports suggest the woman was dragged for 1-3km during the harrowing ordeal, but police have yet to confirm these details. Regardless of the distance, it's a minor miracle that she has so far survived the attack – and medical teams in the Edenvale region are working tirelessly to keep the victim alive.

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