The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) on Friday 31 July confirmed that EFF Deputy President Floyd Shivambu and EFF Treasurer General Omphile Maotwe opened a case of corruption against "disgraced Eskom COO Jan Oberholzer". The party said in a statement:

"This comes after damning revelations of Oberholzer's nepotism, bullying and compromising of Eskom's finances or the benefit of companies he has a material stake in".

As per the EFF's statement, Oberholzer was "found by an internal inquiry to have actively promoted the interest of Aveng, a company that has conducted business with Eskom, and which is not litigating against Eskom by instructing a subordinate to pay the company an amount of R42 million".

Watch: EFF at Sandton Police Station

Watch: EFF opens case against Eskom COO Jan Oberholzer [video]

Image via Twitter: EFF

Watch: EFF opens case against Eskom COO Jan Oberholzer [video]

Image via Twitter: @EFFSouthAfrica

The party said earlier this month that Oberholzer "is a lackey of Pravin Gordhan" and claimed that Oberholzer and Gordhan "are the champions of the corrupt New Dawn agenda that […] seeks to sell Eskom to the highest bidder".

"Oberholzer's continued tenure at Eskom is a risk to the national asset and public finances, and any effort to protect him is to defend corruption and participate in a deliberate collapse of the power utility".

Alleged Steffanutti Stocks fraud and nepotism

The EFF also said that Oberholzer "did not excuse himself from deliberations that concerned Stefannuti Stocks", and that it is now "common knowledge that Stefannuti Stocks got an overpayment" of R1 billion from Eskom.

"Jan Oberholzer is a known bully who victimises and demotes whistleblowers and those who stand against his corruption within the administration of Eskom. He has been found to have pressurised an employee to find a job for his brother-in-law Gregory Jacobs and is known to use foul language against employees who do not comply with his corrupt instructions".

The party highlighted that Eskom is failing to provide its sole service to the nation during the global pandemic, and that "this is precisely because [Oberholzer] is bleeding the entity dry to enrich himself and his family".

'Deliberate agenda' to collapse Eskom

The EFF called for Oberholzer to be removed with immediate effect as his continued presence only confirmed that a "deliberate agenda to collapse" Eskom is in place, "in order to ease its sale to the friends of Pravin Gordhan and Cyril Ramaphosa".

The EFF earlier this month threatened to occupy Eskom unless Oberholzer be brought to justice. As per the party's statement, the case number is CAS 468/7/2020. The EFF concluded by saying:

"The EFF does not subscribe to the fear of white people, nor will we allow the protection of corruption just because it is done by white people. There is no other logical explanation for why Oberholzer is allowed to operate with impunity besides the fact that the colour of his skin absolves him from the disciplinary and criminal process".