Watch: Disconnected Rustenburg protesters destroy electrical boxes

On Wednesday night, unrest spilled onto the streets of Zinniaville, Rustenburg, in the North West province, resulting in electrical boxes being destroyed and homes being damaged.

It's alleged that tensions boiled over when the municipality swooped on illegal electricity connections in the area. According to Zinniaville residents, the informal settlement on the outskirts of town was impacted by this municipality-led disconnection.

Disconnection sparks Zinniaville protests

Frustrated with being left powerless, residents of the informal settlement launched protest action which caused chaos on the streets of Zinniaville. Video footage of the protest action shows electrical boxes being destroyed and roads being barricaded with burning debris.

Zinniaville residents complained that cars and houses were also being stoned as a result of the protest action. Residents of nearby Karlien Park reported similar disturbances and added that the South African Police Service (SAPS) had done little to ease tensions and protect properties.

Watch: Burning electrical boxes light up Zinniaville

According to some Zinniaville residents, trouble surrounding 'squatters' in the area had been brewing for months after government failed to provide adequate housing and services to the displaced. Engagements between Rustenburg residential organisations, the municipality and political parties failed to resolve the restlessness.

This is a developing story – more updates to follow