Just In: Confirmed COVID-19 cases in SA breach 20 000

Health Minister Zweli Mkhize, on Friday 22 May, announced that the confirmed COVID-19 cases in South Africa have risen to 20 125.  

This is an increase of 988, as the total number of confirmed cases stood at  19 137 on Thursday 21 May. Mkhize announced an updated death toll of 397. This is an increase of 28 as it stood at 369 on Thursday 21 May. 

A total of 543 032 tests have been conducted to date with 17 599 tests conducted in the last 24 hours. There have been 10 104 recoveries thus far. 

Latest COVID-19 cases by province as of Friday 22 May

The following confirmed COVID-19 cases have been detected in each province as of Friday: 

  1. Gauteng – 2 521 cases;

  2. Western Cape – 12 888 cases; [*]KwaZulu-Natal – 1 735 cases; [*]Free State – 185 cases; [*]Eastern Cape – 2 459 cases; [*]Limpopo – 120 cases; [*]Mpumalanga – 98 cases; [*]North West – 80 cases; [*]Northern Cape – 39 cases; and [*]Unknown – 0 cases.

This comes to a total of 20 125 confirmed cases. 

The Western Cape is still the COVID-19 epicentre with the most positive cases in the country. 

COVID-19 death toll by province as of Friday

The following confirmed COVID-19-related deaths have been detected in each province as of Friday: 

  1. Gauteng – 29 deaths;

  2. Western Cape – 257 deaths; [*]KwaZulu-Natal – 47 deaths; [*]Free State – six deaths; [*]Eastern Cape – 53 deaths; [*]Limpopo – three deaths; [*]Mpumalanga – 0 deaths; [*]North West – one death; [*]Northern Cape – one death. 

Latest recoveries by province 

Mkhize announced COVID-19 recoveries as follows: 

  1. Gauteng – 1 776 recoveries;

  2. Western Cape – 6 126 recoveries; [*]KwaZulu-Natal – 880 recoveries; [*]Free State – 121 recoveries; [*]Eastern Cape – 1 036 recoveries; [*]Limpopo – 51 recoveries; [*]Mpumalanga – 58 recoveries; [*]North West – 29 recoveries; [*]Northern Cape – 27 recoveries.  


Police Minister Bheki Cele, while providing an update on the adherence to the COVID-19 lockdown regulations, said the rate of crime in certain provinces mirror their respective infection rates.

Cele announced that the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng recorded the highest number of arrests and incidents and as we very well know by now, those provinces also have the largest number of infections.

Cele said that 230 000 citizens have been charged with a variety of crimes relating to the contravention of lockdown laws.

Lawbreakers, according to Cele, were fined and arrested for liquor and cigarette-related crimes, failure to confine themselves to residences, illegal gatherings and transport related offences, among others. 

This is a developing story, updates to follow