Emsahweni massacre: Seven men shot dead in KZN home

Police are urgently investigating the circumstances behind a mass shooting in Emsahweni, KZN on Wednesday evening. SAPS have confirmed that seven males, whose ages range from 18 to 36, were all killed after suffering gunshot wounds to the head.

Seven males aged between 18 and 30 have been shot dead at eMsahweni in Adams outside Durban. The incident happened just after 6PM , and all victims were shot on the head #7killed pic.twitter.com/lVNxbrk1Bn— Thuba Vilane (@thubao) May 20, 2020

Emsahweni massacre – latest news and updates from KZN mass murder

The shocking events have rocked the community, which is based near Adams in Durban. It's believed the incident took place just after 18:00. No motive has been established for this heinous crime, but authorities have launched a manhunt to find the gunman at large who massacred seven members of the household in Emsahweni.

At this point, details remain sketchy. SAPS have put out an appeal to those in the local area who have any information about the murders, or knew anything about the victims that could also be linked to the case. We understand that all the bodies were discovered in one room, but the reason for this massacre remains unestablished.

KZN shooting: Method of murder raises questions

The method of the shootings is consistent with an assassination-style form of killing. SAPS say it is too early to label this crime as an execution, however. No connection to gangland activity in Emsahweni has been identified yet.

These tragic developments are likely to trigger the department's 72-hour action plan, which helps law enforcement agencies speed-up the course of investigations that require an intense and extensive reaction.

Mass Assasination/\r\n/20/05/2020/\r\n/Seven males, aged between 18 and 30 have been shot fatally at eMsahweni in Adams outside Durban. The incident happened just after 6PM./\r\n/7 Victims succumbed to head shots. pic.twitter.com/CSIwUwdgtH— RIOT & ATTACK info South Africa (@RiotAndAttackSA) May 20, 2020