Donald Trump Unfollows Long Time Friend Piers Morgan On Twitter (See Reason)

TV host and Daily Mail Columnist, Piers Morgan, has taken to Twitter to inform fans that US President Donald Trump, has unfollowed him on Twitter.
This is coming after he wrote an article on Daily Mail criticizing and slamming the US President's remarks about using disinfectants and sunlight to treat coronavirus patients.

Piers Morgan's critical article against Trump came after the US leader in a Thursday press conference suggested tackling coronavirus with the use of powerful UV light or even injecting patients with disinfectant, to which the US leader dismissed as a sarcastic statement on Friday after receiving lots of criticism from the medical community.

Donald Trump Unfollows Long Time Friend Piers Morgan On Twitter (See Reason)

In his latest column, Good Morning Britain star Piers Morgan, 55, started his writing by telling the US president Donald Trump, 73, to "shut the f**k up".

"President Trump's batsh*t crazy coronavirus 'cure' theories are not just shockingly senseless and stupid - they're going to kill people. The most reckless and dangerous thing President Trump has done is use the most powerful podium on earth to air his batsh*t crazy theories about how to beat the virus.

"And last night he stooped to a shameful new low by suggesting people suffering from COVID-19 should be injected with toxic disinfectant.

"Yes, you read that right." He wrote.

His criticism of the US president prompted Trump to Unfollow him. Piers Morgan disclosed the development to his millions of fan:

"UPDATE: President @realDonaldTrump has unfollowed me on Twitter, hours after I wrote this @DailyMail column" He tweeted.

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