A number of challenges have come up since the stay at home order was issued all over the world.

‘Satan is the God of this world’ – Daddy Freeze tells those doing the #HesGotTheWholeWorldInHisHands Challenge

One of the online challenges currently trending among Christians is the #HesGotTheWholeWorldInHisHands challenge.

This challenge involves singing the popular song after which the challenge is named.

Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey and a number of others have taken part in the challenge. Nigerians have also joined in.

However, media personality Daddy Freeze thinks singing this song during the coronavirus crisis will not save Nigeria.

Using the Bible to back his point of view, Freeze said: “Satan is the God of this world.”

He added: “You think a song can save you?”

He went further to ask his followers, “Are you living right? Do you know who God is? Are you worshipping God? Which of the gods has the whole world in his hands? The one you disobey or the one you’re giving your money to?

“It’s not about singing songs, it’s about obeying God. It’s about knowing who God is.”

“You’re paying your tithe but you refused to build hospitals. You’re donating to churches. We have 100,000-seater churches in Nigeria but we do not have well-equipped hospitals. How many respirators do we have? It’s not about singing songs.”

He added: “Let the nations who have built themselves up sing songs because what is left for them is hope.

“We refused to build; we’re now singing.”

Watch the video below.


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