A garden ‘gym’ that’s safe and fun_1

Staying at home doesn’t have to mean you compromise on the things you love, and exercise can get you out of the house, into the sun and make your body feel great again

Usually, that’s about keeping your home neat, tidy and well-organised so it can be your haven to retreat to. With South Africans about to spend a lot of time at home, however, our homes and gardens are going to become more than a refuge, but our offices, daily hang-outs and even more.
What could be smarter than taking the last of the summer to enjoy your garden even more?

While you may not have all the fancy equipment they have at the gym, simple solutions can help you stay at peak fitness despite the temptation to snooze on the couch.

Run sprints or even laps in the garden (and be sure to play with the dog, too). If you’re lacking dumbbells or a barbell, you can create heavy weights by filling milk jugs with sand and hanging them on a sturdy pole.
Scout out a safe spot to act as a pull-up bar

We don’t advise doing step-ups onto loose items, but if you have a step or ledge in a safe area you should be able to add some basic plyometrics to the mix, too. If the kids have a jungle gym that’s sturdy enough for adults, well…. It’s time to let your inner kid out, too!