Angus Buchan prays for good health after testing  positive for COVID-19_1

In a post shared on Instagram on Thursday 26 March 2020, Angus Buchan assured fans that he and his loved ones are in good health despite testing positive for COVID-19.

The evangelist, who celebrated his 72nd birthday in August 2019, said he consulted with a private physician on Thursday, who has been in contact with the laboratory that holds their results. He added:

“We had indeed tested positive for the Coronavirus. However we are not showing symptoms and are in good health.”

Isolation and prayer

Buchan and his family will be adhering to the regulations surrounding coronavirus protocols and the current lockdown, and advised anyone who has been in contact with him to isolate themselves if they start displaying symptoms.

In addition, Buchan also apologises for the confusion surrounding the test results and said he would be praying “for good health of all those who been in contact” with him.