Naomi Campbell taking 30 vitamins and supplements daily amid coronavirus crisis_1

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Naomi Campbell is taking 30 vitamins and supplements daily in an effort to stay healthy during the coronavirus crisis

The 49-year-old has always taken extreme measures to stay healthy while travelling, and earlier this month, she even flew while wearing a full hazmat suit in an effort to stop herself from catching the highly contagious Covid-19 virus. And now that she’s home in New York, Naomi’s doing all she can to make sure she doesn’t get it.

Detailing her daily routine in a video on her YouTube channel, the supermodel shared that she starts her day by making a smoothie containing artichoke, moringa, green protein, cacao, collagen, baobab, and matcha powders, as well as almond milk, pomegranate, vitamin C, a banana, and ice.

“This is so good for you. This is like a meal in itself,” she said. “It’s important now more than ever to boost our immune systems and take care of ourselves.”
Naomi then listed other supplements she takes each day, including Golden Seal, in liquid form, for digestive health and to boost immunity, plus liquid vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D, papaya seeds, probiotics, and black seed

In addition, she takes three multi-vitamin tablets, with her explaining, “I want my immune system to be as strong as it can be right now.”

Naomi also swears by pine bark extract, turmeric, and oregano oil as her final healing ingredients.

This isn’t the first time the British model has drawn attention for her commitment to staying well. Last summer, she shared a video of herself cleaning and sanitising her seat on board a Qatar Airways flight. In the clip, she donned disposable gloves and rubbed down every surface with antibacterial wipes.

Although she insisted she has been performing the same routine for years, the video won her a whole new fanbase.

“I’ve had more people talk to me about that than the job I’ve been doing for 34 years,” she told The Guardian last year.