Pick n Pay introduce ‘drive-thru shopping’ – here’s how it will work_1

Needless to say, we are big fans of this. Some Pick n Pay stores have introduced the facet of drive-thru shopping to their outlets – a novel concept that firmly belongs in this world of lockdown and social distancing.

A new way to do our grocery shopping

There are a number of steps you need to follow, but ultimately, this could prove to be the future of our grocery visits. The convenience is so well thought-out, you won’t have to leave your car.

The new concept has the potential to take-off, but it’s been curtailed slightly by the recent coronavirus outbreak and subsequent lockdown laws. However, officials for the Waterkloof Rand branch – which implemented the drive-through system itself – has warned that it’s currently on hold, due to supply issues.

“All online orders are on hold until we receive our next delivery: We have provisionally suspended online orders until Saturday, due to stock availability. Walk in customers are welcome to pick their own shopping.”Pick n Pay, Waterkloof Rand

Pick n Pay drive-thru shopping – how will it work?

Check availability

Only a limited number of stores offer this option, so you’ll have to find out where you can go for it. Get in contact with your local branch before trying to place a drive-thru order.

Send your store an email

If they’re running the service, you simply e-mail your list of groceries to the relevant contact. They receive the order and get your cart filled, ready for collection. All emails must give at least two hours’ notice.

Get parked up

Some stores – like the Waterkloof Rand – already have designated parking bays. Once you’ve received confirmation of your order, and given staff the two-hour notice period, you can park in the allotted space.

Door-to-car-door service

You don’t have to go in to the store, as the selected outlets will have staff on-hand monitoring the car park. They come and drop your groceries off at your vehicle.

Sanitary payment methods

Then it comes to the final step; paying what you owe. Shoppers will be presented with a sanitised card machine, and have the option of going contactless. It’s the cash-free way to keep coronavirus at bay.