For the price, the Rapoo VH510 is a solid choice for anyone looking to pick up some headphones so that they don’t end up annoying the rest of their house full of locked down family members.

The Rapoo VH51 is a no-nonsense headset with everything you need to fully immerse yourself in your favourite game. The headset’s bass is capable and not overpowering, allowing a nice balanced neutral sound with lots of detail.

Build and features

The Rapoo is an over-the-ear headphone with an adjustable headband that is comfortable to wear for long periods of time, thanks to the suspension system. I could comfortably wear it for six hours plus.

The integrated single microphone also guarantees noise reduction and offers clear transmission. However, the headband could be slightly more adjustable for a tighter fit.


Happy to report that the Rapoo VH510 works with consoles too (tested on the PlayStation 4 while taking it for a Diablo: Reaper of Souls spin). Just plug and play, really.

The sound quality is a dream. The VH510 offers a surround-sound gaming experience to fully immerse you in the game. According to the manufacturers:

“Virtual 7.1 channel audio output brings you stunning surround sound experience. Professional sound adjustment from the headset enables convenient use and guaranteed audio advantage during your game”.

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There is no separate volume control for your microphone and game audio, so you’ll need to set that up on your PC. On this, probably my one main complaint with the headset was that the controls are not very user-friendly.

Button placement

The volume control dial is along the edge of the earpiece, and I found myself struggling to reach it for quick adjustments while in-game. Similarly, the on/off switch for the microphone right next to the microphone was a bit strange.

The on-off switch is a toggle which feels more like a button; it felt a bit fiddly, and I found myself having to move the microphone’s stalk away from my face in order to have a look at the switch.

That said, I appreciate the sound quality, noise-cancelling feature and ear-comfort so much that the inconvenient button-place is hardly an issue. Real talk here, my ears are weird and finding a comfortable fit has been my life’s mission.


My neighbourhood has been abuzz with people preparing for the lockdown; which somehow also, apparently, also included a street party of sorts. I guess as a last hurrah before the president grounds us all.

Needless to say, it was noisy and rowdy; a real inconvenience for the unlucky sods who still have to work during these trying times (yours truly). Well, let me tell you, the Rapoo saved the day.

The sound is immersive; the virtual 7.1 creates a broad soundstage with lots of depth which adds to your enjoyment of games where audio cues help orient yourself.


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The headset is easy on the eye too, with a solid feel and clean design. While no one really needs colourful lights on their headset, they certainly look good on this one; even if it would have been nice to have the option to switch them off.

It catches the eye, especially in the dark – thanks to the LED multi-colour back light. And any headset that has a teal colour effect gets a brownie point in my book.

Rapoo VH510 Specs

Frequency range: 20 – 20.000 HzENC noise-reducing single microphoneLED Multi-color light systemVirtual 7.1 channel audio outputVolume up/down buttons

Microphone mute buttonLED indicator 3.5 mm audio port Dimensions: 165 × 105 × 235 mmMicrophone port Weight: 383 g

Rapoo VH510 gaming headset score

The Upside

Excellent soundAppealing design and LED backlightEar-comfort Deep but not overwhelming bass Good noise isolationSupport by PC and console

The Downside

Struggle to reach volume control dial and on/off switchNot foldable or travel-friendly Headband too big

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