SPCA honours employees who volunteered to stay with animals during lockdown_1


According to a post by the SPCA in Uitenhage in the Eastern Cape, four of their dedicated employees volunteered to spend the lockdown period with the animals to ensure their safety…

The following message was posted on the organisation’s Facebook page:

“Today I got to witness the total commitment of one of our kennel assistants. Denise Gertse; Every single puppy at our SPCA depends on her loving care. They know her well and all hell breaks loose when they see her each morning.

“Long story short, we are going on lockdown, Denise has come forward and volunteered, without been asked, to stay on the property, live in for the 21 days. So that her pups can be cared for as only she can.

“Her devotion to her puppies has brought a tear to the eyes of the strongest ladies on our team. I witnessed this today during a conversation. Thank you Denise. You set a shining example to all of our staff and we are truly grateful to have you on our team!”

Together with Denise, three other dedicated staff members also came forward to offer their services for the duration of the 21 days. They include Edwin Moyi, Patrick Whitebooy, and Inspector Mariaan Wentzel.