Muslim Judicial Council rebuts claims of first coronavirus death_1

The Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) has rebutted claims the organisation has knowledge of the first coronavirus (Covid-19) death in South Africa following a social media message circulating on the internet, IOL reported.

MJC said the social media message was not true and condemned the “irresponsible action”.

“The social media message claiming that the MJC has knowledge of the first person who passed away from the coronavirus is a fabrication.

“We condemn this irresponsible action, especially at such a crucial stage in our collective fight to prevent this virus from spreading,” the organisation said in a statement.

It was reported that the message which was shared on the weekend, claimed the source of the information was the MJC.

It read: “Please be advised our first patient passed away from the virus earlier today in South Africa. What’s more scary is that he is a Muslim from Cape Town. The minister will make the announcement later. Source is from the Precidency [sic] of the MJC.”

The MJC said it would report the message to the authorities and further added that the government had already set up proper channels of communication around the virus.

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