Kristin Scott Thomas is relieved her first film flopped_1

Kristin Scott Thomas is glad her first film, Under the Cherry Moon, was a flop back in the 1980s.

The 59-year-old British star revealed in an interview with U.S. InStyle that she was relieved the musical, in which she starred alongside Prince, who was making his directorial debut, was a huge flop in 1986.

“I’m so glad that my success happened little by little and that my first film was a failure. It was an enormous turkey; it was terrible,” she laughed. “It was also completely surreal because Prince and I were absolute children – we were in our 20s.”

The Four Weddings and a Funeral actress was glad to have to start all over again in Hollywood, and counts her failures as valuable experience.

“I started from the bottom, worked up, and practiced until I was ready to have a big role,” she explained. “In the current culture you see so many people rise to stardom really quickly and then run out of steam. I was lucky to be able to get experience and make some bum films.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Kristin admitted being raised as a Roman Catholic when she was younger made her think that the word ambition was “almost sinful”, and until she made The English Patient in 1996, she “stifled” her desire to be an actress.

“That may sound crazy, but it’s true,” Kristin shared, as she revealed that nowadays, she concentrates on juggling her busy career with family life. “These days my principal ambition is to get satisfaction and excitement and nourishment from work and also leave enough space for a fulfilling family life.”

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