A bus conductor, in a bid to combat the spread of Coronavirus, is sharing an alcoholic drink to his passengers and insisting they sanitize their hands with it.

Bus conductor distributes “ogogoro” to his passengers as he insist they sanitize (video)

In a video shared by a passenger, the conductor is seen giving the alcoholic drink, known locally as ogogoro, to his passengers to clean their hands with it.

When asked what it is, he called it “sterilizer.”

see video below;

On the Streets of Lagos #COVIDー19 . So I boarded a bus this morning. Before I entered the bus the driver and conductor said I must sanitize my hand before I enter. I told them I already have. But basically watch what happened…. pic.twitter.com/zJY884BkzO

— Deborah Pelumi Ayodeji | RDN | (@AyoDebby) March 23, 2020

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