Avoid compromising your immune system by consuming too many of these foods and drinks.

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Give processed foods the back seat

Processed foods may contain loads of preservatives, salt or sugar and other potentially harmful chemical additives. They usually contain flavorants too. You may find that the nutritional value may not be as high as you would have hoped for.

Consume whole, natural foods instead. These foods will be packed with valuable vitamins and mineral substances that are good for the body. You will gain far more nutritional value from them, as opposed to the processed foods.


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Avoid sugary foods and softdrinks

Keep your immunity up by reducing your intake of softdrinks and sugary foods. Give the chocolates, sweets, biscuits, cakes and other sugary foods the back seat. It will also help you to keep your blood-sugar readings at a healthy level.

In addition, you will also be able to manage your weight more effectively as you will be ingesting fewer unnecessary calories. Remember that the same applies to consuming beverages that are high in sugar too.


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Alcoholic beverages

Reduce your intake of alcohol as consuming too much of this beverage could weaken your immune system. You could alternatively opt to take a complete break from consuming alcohol. Enjoy the flavour of other beverages instead.

If you usually meet up with friends for a drink or two, consider finding other activities that you could engage in or have a chat over.