Betty Gilpin never thought she’d get an opportunity like The Hunt_1

Betty Gilpin never thought she’d be given the opportunity to play an action hero until The Hunt came along.

In Craig Zobel’s horror, Gilpin, who is best known for playing Debbie ‘Liberty Belle’ Eagan in Netflix comedy GLOW, stars as Crystal, a military veteran who fights back when a bunch of liberal elites start to hunt a group of “deplorables” for sport.

In an interview with Variety, Gilpin admitted she didn’t think she would ever be allowed to play a fearless killing machine like Crystal.

“I feel very altered by this experience in a positive way,” she said. “Playing this part, it opened up chambers in me that I thought were closed forever. I thought I had a realistic sense of what I was going to be allowed to do as an actor. I never thought that I would get this opportunity.”

The Hunt was postponed from its original release date in September due to controversy, as many people assumed it was a simple horror about Democrats killing Republicans. However, the film is actually a political satire that sends up both sides of the political divide, and Gilpin believes they should all watch it.

“I thought this is exactly the movie that everybody should watch. It was frustrating to hear people speak on behalf of the movie who had never seen it,” the 33-year-old insisted.

While some characters clearly fall into one camp or the other, Crystal, despite her Southern accent, is someone who is stuck in the middle.

Gilpin added, “While Crystal may look and sound like someone at a certain kind of rally, my feeling is that she’s not at any rally. She’s exhausted by both sides and rolls her eyes at this.”

The Hunt is in cinemas now.

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