Idris Elba gives health update, explains why his wife chose to quarantine alongside him_1

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Idris Elba was “motivated” to reveal his coronavirus diagnosis by Tom Hanks

The Luther star – who announced he had tested positive for the virus on Monday, 16 March – has credited Tom, who also has coronavirus, for allowing him to speak out.

In a live questions and answers session on social media, he said: “I’m really proud of Tom Hanks who is also someone in the public eye who came out and said they have it and has been public about it. I was really motivated by Tom’s move there.”
Meanwhile, Idris previously insisted he` is “feeling good” after being diagnosed

He shared: “Yesterday was good and bad. Bad because I tested positive, but it was also good because it opened up a lot of conversation around it. I think it made it a lot more real for some people. Definitely made it more real for me and my family. There was so many positive responses to, you know, me talking about it. Some negative too. But there were some definite positive ones. I certainly felt …

“My wife and I felt like it was the right thing to do, to share it with you guys. Right now though, I am feeling okay. Woke up this morning, didn’t have any symptoms. My voice is a little tired … checking my fever twice a day. Feel good, feel okay. Been doing a lot of reading about it. You know, asymptomatic is what comes up …

“Sabrina’s [his wife’s] good too. Sabrina today finally managed to get a test, and we’re thankful for that. Generally, Sabrina’s fine. Nervous of course. Worried. Just for clarification, Sabrina wanted to be by my side. We calculated that risk and decided to be together. Hope you guys can understand that.”

— Idris Elba (@idriselba) March 17, 2020

— Idris Elba (@idriselba) March 17, 2020

Idris also claimed that Sabrina was “nervous” awaiting her results

“We’re doing good, guys,” he said. “More than anything, just talking about it with you guys has kept up a little bit more positive, a little bit more optimistic.”

The actor then sent a message to the black community, saying, “Black people: please, please, please understand that you can get [coronavirus], alright? There are so many stupid, ridiculous conspiracy theories about black people not being able to get it. That’s dumb. It’s stupid.”